)(pct md), Plant design for buildings and energy rehabilitation workshop, Plants, mushrooms and bioactive substances, Political parties and movements in europe, Pollutants and their environmental impact, Polymers for electronics and energy harvesting, Population and health statistics / epidemiology, Power systems simulation and optimization, Practical applications of organization and management of territorial policies, Precautionary measures, liability and responsibility, Prevention and security monitoring in the workspace, Prevention, care and innovation in rehabilitation, Preventive and compensatory physical activity, Principal cancer diseases and their clinical-diagnostic characteristics, Principal diseases of the blood and their clinical-diagnostic characteristics, Principal diseases of the cardiovascular system and their clinical-diagnostic characteristics, Principal diseases of the respiratory system and their clinical-diagnostic characteristics, Principal neurological disorders and their clinical-diagnostic characteristics, Principles and applications of flow citometry, Principles and paradigms of programming languages, Principles and practices of info-graphics for project, Principles of healthcare management and forensic medicine, Principles of management and forensic medicine, Principles of mineralogy applied to culture heritage, Principles of pathology of the oral cavity, Principles of production and industrial safety engineering, Principles, foundations of professional ethics and social services - advanced course, Private international law in respect of civil liability and contracts, Probabilistic methods for civil and environmental engineering, Probability and statistics for the engineer, Processing and transmission of signals and images. & narr. 1), Medical physics, biophysics and computer science, Medical technical sciences applied to hygiene and environmental prevention, Medical technologies for clinical neuroscience, Medical therapy applied and palliative therapy, Medicinal chemistry and toxicological chemistry, Medieval and humanistic latin literature (lm), Methodological approach to epidemiological research, Methodological aspects for the introduction to the med-47 course, Methodologies for the study of contemporary art, Methodologies of clinical research in ophthalmology, Methodology and technique of applied social research, Methodology of play and animation (workshop), Methodology of social research (sociology), Methods and techniques of group intervention, Methods and models for digital information management, Methods and rehabilitation techniques in psycho-geriatric age, Methods and techniques in educational observation, Methods and techniques in psychiatric rehabilitation through body expression, Methods and techniques of educational animation, Methods and techniques of interview and questionnaire, Methods and techniques of social research and intervention, Methods and techniques of social service i, Methods and techniques of social service ii, Methods and techniques of the community ' psychology, Methods and technologies of the evaluation of the social and formative politics, Methods and tools for multimodal interaction, Methods and tools in psychology orientation, Methods for corporate finance + financial engineering, Methods for introduction to the med-45 course, Methods of applied research and quality assurance, Methods of neuropsychomotor treatment - discussion of clinical cases, Methods of physical activity - history of sports -, Methods of psychological participation in the educat. Starting on Monday, 2 November, classes will move online until the end of the 2020–2021 fall semester, both for standard and continuing education. The evaluation of this module is divided into two parts. Online course. Corso di perfezionamento in Progettazione europea: Project cicle management per progettare, gestire e rendicontare i fondi europei ; Corso di perfezionamento in Geografia, economia e psicologia dell'alimentazione; Corso di perfezionamento CUMES UNICEF II edizione; Programma Valore PA; UniTE … The reference … Chemistry for the preservation of cultural heritage, Chemistry of environment and cultural heritage, Chimical processes and clean technologies, Choice of plant species for the landscape, Circuits and systems for telecommunication, Civil process of knowledge - first instance, Clinical biochemistry and clinical chemistry techniques, Clinical biochemistry and molecular biology chemistry, Clinical management and quality of rehabilitation, Clinical methodology and medical semeiotics, Clinical neuropsychology in the pediatric age, Clinical nursing for chronic conditions, and physical and psycological impairment, Clinical nursing in chronic physical and mental disorders, Clinical nursing in maternal and paediatric area, Clinical nursing in the field of critical care, Clinical nursing in the mother and child area, Clinical pathology and immunohematology i, Clinical psychology - cognitive rehabilitation, neuropsychological and neurolinguistic, Clinical psychology - neurology and psychology in the developmental age, Clinical trials: planning and regulations, Coastal design and others extreme environments, Commercial law ii - eu financial market law, Communication and technology: communicate and share data and information in the business economics with the use of digital resources, Communication networks for emergency and monitoring, Communication of the diagnosis of disease. syst. 2, Epidemiology and prevention of infective and chronic degenerative diseases, Epidemiology and prevention: current topics and perspectives, Epidemiology of the diseases of the elderly, Epigenetics, genomics and next generation dna engineering (with laboratory), Ethical communication social of enterprise, European union and transnational environmental law, European union financial and insurance markets regulation, Evaluation techniques of management performance in health concerns, Evaluation techniques of planning and management in rehabilitation, Evolution of psychiatric and rehabilitation thought, Examples and experiences of tourist sustainability, Experimental analysis of innovative and renewable energy systems, Experimental and numerical methods for fluid machinery and energy systems, Experimental and statistical methods in psychology, Experimental data elaborations through computational techniques, Experimental laboratory of chemical and process engineering, Experimental methods for fluid machinery and energy systems, Experimental physics with applications to earth physics, Extracellular vesicles in diagnosis and therapy, Fight against animal enemies of ornamental plants, Financial planning and health legislature, First module: european foundations of commercial law, Foreign language, computer science and relational skills, internship, Forensic medicine: implications for research and experimentation, Formal, functional and constructive questions in the architecture project, Foundations and organization of social services, Foundations of astrophysics and cosmology, Foundations of electrical and electronics engineering, From the analysis of histological samples to the scientific publications, Fuel cells and distributed generation systems, Functional and security testing techniques, Fundamentals and practices of representation 1, Fundamentals and practices of representation 2, Fundamentals of architectural restoration, Fundamentals of biomedical instrumentations, Fundamentals of data processing and biomedical signals, Fundamentals of electric power systems control, Fundamentals of energetics and heat transfer, Fundamentals of neuropsychological rehabilitation, Fundamentals of organization and strategic business management, Fundamentals of philosophical anthropology, Fundamentals of physiology and pharmacology, Fundamentals of representation for industrial design, Fundaments for project of landscape architecture, G/s separation and heat transfer equipments, Gender, stereotypes, social representations, General and applied hygiene (health and hygiene of animals intended for human nutrition and breeding), General and applied methods for quality assurance, General and inorganic chemistry (phar)(md), General and inorganic chemistry with laboratory, General and inorganic chemistry+laboratory, General and special anesthesiology in podiatry, General and special pediatrics - neonatology, General and special pediatrics: behavioral disability and child disease, General and special speech rehabilitation, General and specialized medicine applied to rehabilitation, General biology and elements of botany and zoology, General biology and propedeutics biochemistry, General concepts. Starting on Monday, 2 November, classes will move online until the end of the 2020–2021 fall semester, both for standard and continuing education. Frameworks and Platforms to host Service and Applications 3. Details; IGNOU BCA Solved Assignments 2020 Free … Bangalore University Admission 2021-22 | MCA, ME, and M.Arch Eligibility Criteria. BIOENG-512 Introduction to lab methods: Bioactive compounds screening Cancelled in 2020/2021 EPFL 2 F TBD early September 2020 CH-313 Chemical Biology Aye / Correia EPFL 2 F Class: TUE, Room CHB331, 8 :00 - 10:00 CH-411 Cellular signalling Hovius EPFL 2 S TBD CH-411 Cellular signalling Hovius EPFL 2 S TBD CH-413 Nanobiotechnology and biophysics Fierz EPFL 3 S TBD Ch-414 Pharmacological … Course highlights. The Faculty of Science offers a wide range of programs, corresponding to 54 different degrees in fields such as mathematics, computer science, physics, astrophysics, chemistry and biochemistry, earth and environmental sciences, biology, and pharmaceutical sciences. Cash Transfer Assistance in Humanitarian Crises: What Works? Karnataka Post Office currently has 2443 vacancies and wants to recruit suitable candidates for the same. Environmental engineering Master degree overview - Università di Genova. Master Tsai's www.chinesefortunecalendar.com was launched in 1999. Processing, management of images in radiodiagnostics and contrast media. property', family and succession, Special education modified motor activities, Special massage therapy and hydrokinesitherapy, Special pediatrics - rheumatology and respiratory-tract diseases, Special rehabilitation in the pediatric age, Special rules and prevention for the environment, Specialized medicine i (clinical pathology i), Specific issues concerning the safety of the work environments, Specific risks prevention for health in confined spaces, Speech therapy in communicative-linguistic disturbances due to deafness, Speech therapy in difficulties in acquisition and learning of language, Speech therapy of general cognitive-linguistic disturbances and dysarthrias, Speech-language therapy rehabilitation planning, Statistics for economic and social sciences, Statistics for economics and social sciences, Statistics for social science and economics, Statistics for the analysis of socio-demographic phenomena, Stem cell biology and regenerative medicine (with laboratory), Strategic management and corporate governance, Strategic planning workshop for urban planning and landscape, Strategy and governance of financial intermediaries, Structural and geotechnical assessment of existing buildings, Structural assessment and safety of existing buildings, Structural biology and nanotechnology (with laboratory), Structural modelling and analysis of existing buildings, Structural modelling of existing buildings, Structural retrofitting and strengthening techniques, Studio rehabilitation of cultural landscapes, Summer school in entrepreneurship (universita'di genova), Supportive care and instrumentation in the operating room, Surface science and nanostructuring at surfaces, Sustainable design for architecture+ laboratory, Sustainable mobility systems and services, Synthesis and industrial production of polymers, System management for energy and environment, Teaching methods in physical activities in elderly and disabled, Technical analysis of social services and accreditation, Technical and economical fundamentals of industrial plants, Technical aspects of performance sports (part. )(phar md), Analysis and conservation of marine biodiversity, Analysis and planning of management processes in health, Analysis and planning of managerial processes for health, Analysis, evaluation and landscape design workshop, Analytical instrumentation and control of quality, Anatomical bases of cardiac surgical pathology, Anatomo physiological foundations of the psychical activity, Anatomy (c.n.s. Programme overview Summary The MSc in Environmental Engineering provides for the expertises in the fields of Natural Processes, Chemical-Environmental Processes and Impact and Management of production activities. 25 June 2020. EPICT Certificazione pedagogica europea sull’uso delle tecnologie digitali IX edizione. This … The administrative process and other process relating to the p.a. contexts, Methods of representation for the project, Methods of the educational research and didactics (workshop), Methods of the educational research and didactics, Microbiological techniques, quantification in immunology, Microbiology (part of integrated course)(pct md), Migration and families in educational services, Mineralogy and petrografy applied to cultural heritage, Mitigation and adaptation to climate change, Modeling and experimentation in dynamics of mechanical systems, Modelling of continuous systems with applications, Models and methods for energy engineering, Models and methods for optimization and control, Models comparative civil procedure and ethics of the legal profession. Admission to most of the guides is entrance-based whilst few guides such as MA, M.Sc, MSW, and so … the sociology special, Introduction to company profiles for the management of cultural heritage, Introduction to comparative law and to comparative legal systems, Introductory techniques in cardiovascular physiopathology, Investigation and design techniques shared in tourist field, Investigation for rehabilitation: techniques based on efficacy tests med/48, Investigation for rehabilitation: techniques based on efficacy tests med/50, Investment management and funding of transport companies, Istandardization process and bioengineering, Italian language (for foreign students) - brief, Italian language (for foreign students) - long, Italian language for foreign students (1 level), Italian language for foreign students (2 level), Italian literature and literature of locations, Kinesiology, biomechanics and general rehabilitation, Knowledge and management of marine biodiversity, Lab of fundamental interactions physics and astrophysics, Laboratory analysis, evaluation and representation of landscape, Laboratory for fundamentals of life sciences and nature, Laboratory of cinema, entertainment and television communication, Laboratory of instruments of intervention in family relations, Laboratory of methods and techniques of psychological interview, Laboratory of planning and managment of urban green, Laboratory of redevelopment of cultural landscapes, Laboratory of techniques of participation for the learning difficulties, Laboratory techniques for prosthetic appliances, Laboratory training: rehabilitation and intercultural education, Laboratory training: team work and networking, Language, culture and institutions of english-speaking countries i, Language, culture and institutions of english-speaking countries ii, Language, culture and institutions of french-speaking countries i, Language, culture and institutions of french-speaking countries ii, Language, culture and institutions of spanish-speaking countries i, Language, culture and institutions of spanish-speaking countries ii, Latin literature and european literature (lm), Law and practice of national, eu and nternational shipping programmes, Legal aspect of internet and information technology, Legal aspects, and contractual liability 'professional in sports, Legislation and health care management ii, Legislature for midwives and professional organization, Linguistic and historical analysis of the legal texts, Literary and theological sources for the icon, Logistic and production systems management 1 + industrial drawing, Logistic and production systems management 2, Logistic and production systems management, Machines and systems for energy and propulsion, Machines and systems for renewable energy, Machines and systems for transport and logistics, Management and control of electrical energy systems, Management and marketing of tourist destinations, Management control of maritime and port logistics, Management control systems + industrial marketing, Management of natura 2000 sites and protected areas, Management of risks from environmental pollutants and natural events, Management, control and protection of electrical energy systems, Management, planning and organization in sport, Marine biodiversity management and emission treatment plants, Maritime contracts and marine insurance law, Maritime passenger transport law, cruise and tourism, Market analysis of maritime passenger transport, Mathematical analysis + mathematical physics, Mathematical analysis 2 + mathematical physics, Mathematical analysis 2 and mathematical physics, Mathematical methods and modelling for engineering, Mathematical methods and operations research, Mathematical methods for mechanical engineering, Mathematical methods in general relativity, Mathematical methods in naval architecture, Mathematical methods in quantum mechanics, Mathematical modelling and continuous/discrete simulation, Mechanical design with innovative non-conventional materials, Mechanics of vibration and structural fem design, Media and technologies for the didactics, Media and technologies for teaching workshop, Medical aspects of performance sport (part. Get Direct Official Link for applying India Post Recruitment 2021 along with current India Post Recruitment official Notification 2021 here. MASTER DI LIVELLO . The deadline for sending applications for the autumn semester 2020 has expired. On the following pages, you will find general information about these programs as well as the corresponding rules and regulations and study plans, General Rules and Regulations for Study, Faculty of Science, Complementary Certificates (CC, core education) or Specialized Certificates (CS, advanced education), Tri-Faculty Program (FAPSE, Medicine, Science) of Cognitive Neuroscience, International PhD program in Basic and Applied Molecular Life Sciences, Certificate in Industrial Life Sciences (CILS). examination, 2021 (advt. 1, Environmental valuation and accounting - mod. of west bengal [advt. Sexual Violence in Conflict Settings and Emergencies New course! iGE3, the Institute of Genetics and … for virtual worlds, Athletic activities for adult and elderly, Athletic actvities in the different age of life, Atmospheric dynamics + impacts of climate change, Atypical development observation techniques laboratory, Audiology and speech-language pathology i, Automation and control for electric marine applications, Autonomous agents in games - architectures and models for numerical methods, Baropodometric study of the foot and of gait dynamics, Basic conceptes in speech language therapy, Basic concepts and techniques of social research. Thalapathy Vijay's Master is one of the most anticipated films in 2021. Complete schedule of courses of the Master in Earth sciences for the autumn semester 2020 and spring semester 2021. Exam: 04.10.2021. Academic year 2020-21: UniGe cuts fees Read more; Students . heriy. More news. herit. 2), Technical sciences: assistance and diagnostic-interventionist techniques in electrophysiology, Technical sciences: biological reactions and biocompatibility in ecc, Technical sciences: cardiovascular and respiratory assistance in complex pathologies, Technical sciences: complications, adverse events, emergencies in ecc, Technical sciences: data and temperature management in ecc, Technical sciences: ecc devices; liquid handling, Technical sciences: ecc techniques and oxygenation, Technical sciences: mechanical supports for cardiopulmonary care and new technologies, Technical sciences: operational protocols and conduct cec in cardiosurgery-hemodynamics, Technical sciences: organ protection, acid-base balance, Technical sciences: principles of ecc; the profession, Techniques applied to physiopathological optics, Techniques for building rehabilitation and restoration, Techniques for neurological rehabilitation, Techniques for speech pathology evalutation, Techniques in cardiovascular physiopathology i, Techniques in cardiovascular physiopathology ii, Techniques in cardiovascular physiopathology iii, Techniques in cardiovascular physiopathology iv, Techniques of epidemiological investigation, Techniques of legal interpretation and argumentation, Techniques of semiotics and monitoring of the oral cavity, Techniques of the interpretation and the reasoning, Technological design of green architecture, Technologies applied to the control of phytosanitary, detergent and cosmetic products, Technologies for safety, security, and infomobility, Tecniques of building elements design for the cultur landscape, Telecommunication and cultural communication networks, Telecommunication networks and distributed electronic system, Termomechanical measures and experimentation tests, Territories of made in italy and sea geography: touristic systems, The administrative acts and its pathologies. Students of the Master's in Public Management may spend one semester at a partner university. Programme overview Summary Robotics Engineering is a study program associated with two international programs. corporate actions and special procedures, Modern technology in diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy, Molecular biologic techniques in pathologic anatomy, Molecular biology (part of integrated course)(pct md), Molecular biology and microbiology (i.c. If true, Master will hit the theatres a year after the actual release date, April 9, 2020. This Master's programme is the sole Swiss partner of the prestigious EMPA (European Master in Public Administration) network, which includes around ten institutions renowned for their public management studies programmes. About Us. )(phar md), Analitical chemistry to method statistical, Analitical clinical chemistry (part of i.c. 1 ), Ict , multimedia and web for tourism ( mod. There is only one new intake of Master’s students each year, in September. Executive Short Course. Environmental and territorial risk laws and regulations: Environmental applied chemistry laboratory, Environmental friendly propulsion systems, Environmental hygiene, health and bioethics, Environmental impact of industrial processes and products, Environmental mitigation strategies in coastal areas, Environmental risk assessment of chemicals, Environmental safety techniques and plants, Environmental sustainability in the design of architecture, Environmental valuation and accounting - mod. no. VAI AL BANDO. Find all recent 4,269 India Post Vacancy 2021 across India and check all latest India Post 2021 job openings instantly here, Know upcoming India … 2021 is Chinese Year of Golden Cow - Metal White Ox. This website provides conditions, deadlines and procedures for the academic year 2020-21 (the autumn semester 2020–21 , and the Spring semester 2021) . Università di Genova gestisce Master di primo e di secondo livello realizzati in stretta collaborazione con le aziende e gli enti del territorio, ... INIZIO CORSO Settembre 2020 DURATA: 1500 ore FORMAT: ful, time, in aula ISCRIZIONI:5 febbraio 2021. India Post Recruitment 2021 Free Job alert for both Fresher and Experienced Candidates updated on December 21, 2020. To help students, UNIGE and HES-SO Geneva have increased the financial aid available for the 2020–2021 academic year as part of a public-private partnership. FC Barcelona vs AS Roma | HIGHLIGHTS Matchday 1 eFootball.Pro 2020-2021 . Directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, Master is expected to hit the theatres ahead of Pongal 2021. The goal of the Master in "Standardization, Social Regulation and Sustainable Development" is to combine in a single curriculum three thematic pillars: standardization, sustainable development and social regulation. )(pct md), Molecular biology applied to ophthalmology, Molecular oncology, immunology, and endocrinology, Molecular, cellular and tissue engineering, Monitoring and managing environmental data, Monumental arts of the european middle ages, Motor and sensory function in the athlete diversabile, Motor control and human performance assessment, Multiscale analysis and computer simulation of chemical processes, Muscoloskeletal pathology and rheumatology, Nephrology and dietotherapy in the nephrological patient, Network and signal technologies for industrial environment and industry 4.0, Neurology,psychiatry and rehabilitation techniques for nursing 1, Neurology,psychiatry and rehabilitation techniques for nursing 2, Neurology,psychiatry and rehabilitation techniques for nursing 3, Neuromorphic computing and integrative cognitive systems, Neuropsychiatrics rehabilitation techniques, Neuropsychology and neuropsychological rehabilitation, New technologies and protection of fundamental rights, Notary activity and document formation in ancient age, Nuclear and particle physics and astrophysics 1, Nuclear and particle physics and astrophysics 2, Numerical methods and optimization techniques for power electrical engineering, Numerical methods for fluid machinery and energy systems, Numerical solution of differential equations, Nursing and neuropsychiatric and rehabilitation techniques, Nursing care in the neonatal intensive care, Nursing in educational process and prevention, Nursing in health schemes and care relations, Nursing in planning of chronic health care, Nursing in prevention and in community and family care, Nursing in prevention in family and community medicine, Nursing in relationship and in antropological and social aspects, Nursing sciences and neuropsychiatric and rehabilitation techniques - observation and treatment, Nursing sciences and neuropsychiatric and rehabilitation techniques - outcome evaluation techniques, Nursing sciences and neuropsychiatric and rehabilitation techniques - psychomotor methodologies, Nursing sciences and neuropsychiatric and rehabilitation techniques, Nursing, motricity and rehabilitation in the pediatric age, Nursing: models of prevention and medical education, Nutrition in the youngster and in rare metabolic diseases, Nutritional support in artificial nutrition, Observe and communicate with the childhood nest, Obstetric assistance to pathological childbirth and puerperium, Obstetric pathology : pregnancy and childbirth, Obstetrics in prevention in rehabilitation, Occupation healt and safety and environmental control, Occupational and organizational psychology, Oceanographyc measurements and instruments, Odontostomatologic diseases in the muscoloskeletal system, Operation research for strategic decisions: models, methods, Operational research for tourism and revenue management, Optical and spectroscopic methods for the study of materials, Optimisation and control of logistics systems, Optimization and control of transport and logistics, Optimization of maritime terminal operations, Oral hygiene techniques in patients with special needs, Organization of social services - advanced course: the social and health services, Organizzazione e gestione delle risorse umane nelle imprese marittimo portuali, Orthopedic pathology, special pediatrics and rehabilitation, Orthopedic patient evaluation according to icf criteria, Patent law, scientific writing,career objectives, Pathologic anatomy and immunohistochemical (ihc) techniques, Pathological anatomy and histology techniques, Pathology and conservative restoration of historic plants, Pathology, neurology and medical sciences, Pathology, human nutrition and pharmacology, Pathophysiology integrated apparatus neuromotore, Pedagogy of reading and territorial workshop activities, Pedagogy of the first childhood laboratory, Pediatric neurology : basic concepts in develop, Pediatric neurology and pedopsychiatry - child and adolescent psychiatry, Pediatric neurology and pedopsychiatry - clinical examination of motory disturbances, Pediatric neurology and pedopsychiatry - interventions with families, Pediatric neurology and pedopsychiatry - neurological diseases in the pediatric age, Pediatric neurology and pedopsychiatry - neurology disturbances of newborns and infants, Pediatric neurology and pedopsychiatry - psychiatric rehabilitation, Pediatric neurology and pedopsychiatry - severe brain injuries of the age of development, Pediatric neurology and pedopsychiatry: psychopathology of development, Pediatric neurology, pedopsychiatry and psychology, Pervasive communication and context awareness, Pharmaceutical and toxicological chemistry ii (pct), Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical biotechnology and laboratory course, Pharmaceutical technology and law i (pct), Pharmaceutical technology and law ii (with practice)(pct)(md), Pharmaceutical technology socioeconomy and law i (with practice), Pharmaceutical technology socioeconomy and law ii (phar)(md), Pharmacology (and insights on psychiatric drugs), Pharmacology and toxicology and laboratory, Pharmacology, infectous diseas and internal medicine, Philologies of italian literary texts (lm), Philosophical thought for the educational competences, Philosophy of inter-religious dialogue (lm), Philosophy of intercultural communication, Philosophy of law (economic analysis of law, jurimetrics), Phoniatric clinical patterns of interest in speech therapy, Photointerpretation and tools for analysis and representation of landscape, Physical activity for neurological and psychiatric patients, Physical activity for patients with internal diseases, Physical and rehabilitative medicine (principles of), Physical and rehabilitative medicine - kinesitherapy of the musculoskeletal system, Physical and rehabilitative medicine - neuromotor rehabilitation, Physical and rehabilitative medicine - physiotherapy of the musculoskeletal system, Physical and rehabilitative medicine - special rehabilitation techniques, Physical and rehabilitative medicine in neurosciences, Physical and rehabilitative medicine in orthopedics and rheumatology, Physical and rehabilitative medicine in podology i, Physical and rehabilitative medicine in podology ii, Physical and rehabilitative medicine in podology iii, Physical and rehabilitative medicine in surgery, Physical geography, geomorphology and tourism, Physical layer models and techniques for software radio, Physics and laboratory course on methods of observation and measure, Physics and laboratory of physical measurements, Physics methods in organic chemistry (md), Physics of materials with laboratory (module 1), Physics of materials with laboratory (module 2), Physics, biology, genetics and statistics, Physics, computer, radiation protection and statistics, Physics, informatics, radioprotection, statistics and epidemiology, Physiotherapy for orthopedic and rheumatological disorders, Phytosanitary, detergent and cosmetic products control, Planning a physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and occupational therapy course, Planning and control systems in public administrations, Planning and management of health services, Planning and team approach.

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